Best Janome Sewing Machine For Beginners 2021

Why Usha Janome sewing machine is better than other brands?

Janome sewing machine

The Usha Janome Sewing Machine is easy to carry anywhere, as it is very lightweight. The best part of the Usha Janome sewing machine is that it comes with 6 built-in stitches and 7 applications which is good for beginners. All the sewing machines from Usha Janome are budget-friendly. Which can be easily bought at a low price, Usha Janome Comfort and Convenience Comfort and convenience have been specially taken care of, which are great for working with your sewing machine. Usha genome sewing machines come with globalization and industrialization which are based on the latest technology.

This sewing machine has an auto-tripping bobbin so that the thread is properly wound around the bobbin when you start sewing.

Usha  Dream Stitch Sewing Machine Compact and easy to use, it is a free arm machine with circular stitching. It is very light and

Comes with 6 built-in stitches and 7 applications

The Usha is a premium quality sewing machine packed with great features and makes sewing fun. This compact, free-arm zig-zag machine comes with a dial for pattern selection. It has 6 built-in stitches and 7 applications, a color-coded faceplate, and a dial for pattern selection. It is lightweight and comes with circular stitching. It boasts of all the features needed in a sewing machine. For the best user experience, you can buy this sewing machine. This sewing machine will help you become the best designer in town.

Usha  Dream Stitch Sewing Machine



Model Dream Stitch

Type Sewing Machine

Technical Specifications

Stitch Width 5 mm

Number of Stitch Functions 14

Dimension of Box (L X W X H) 384 X 207 X 290 mm

Additional Features

Thread Tension Control Manual

Needle Threading Manual

Shuttle Type Vertical

Bobbin Winding System

Auto Tripping

Sewing Light Yes

Bed Type Free Arm

Button Hole Sewing Four Step

Stitch Pattern Selector Dial Type


Why Buy Usha Janome Stitch Magic


Good for beginners.

Removing and attaching the heads is very easy.

I connected Pico’s head and tried Pico too it was very easy.

The stitching on the satin cloth was working without issue. The sound of the machine also not too much

The best thing I like is the light it’s very difficult for old age people if we don’t have light. Overall best sewing machine, it’s good for beginners. And useful for household normal stitching work.

Usha Janome sewing machine Budget-Friendly

These days, the price of a manual sewing machine and the price of a basic automatic sewing machine are not much different. For example, if the price of the Usha Straight Stitch Composite Sewing Machine price is very less than the Usha joneme Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine price is a bit high.

An automatic sewing machine offers better speed, features, sewing options, design, and portability than a manual sewing machine at a slightly higher cost.


Usha Janome sewing machine

Usha Janome sewing machine Comfort and Convenience

Automatic sewing machines have made sewing easy, which ensures lesser manual work. Earlier people knew only one way to get work done – a lot of manual and time-consuming tasks to sew anything.


With globalization and industrialization, sewing machines are also updated. It has become possible to finish two hours of sewing within 15-20 minutes, without having body aches and discomfort. Now, it is more convenient to stitch and design any garment on one sewing machine, rather than looking for 2 or 3 different types of machines for various purposes.

Usha Janome  550e computer embroidery machine

As a result, people prefer to buy an electric sewing machine rather than a slow, manual energy-consuming sewing machine. There is also a dial option for you to select your desired pattern. Auto tripping bobbin ensures that the thread is properly wound around the bobbin when you begin sewing.

The lightweight Usha Janome sewing machine comes with a handle so you can easily carry it from one room to another. Convenience and Comfort – The Usha Janome  Janome Dream Stitch Automatic zig-zag sewing machine has a compact size that easily fits in your cupboard or closet. This compact sewing machine has 7 built-in stitches and 14 applications that allow you to explore various functionalities while sewing.


It is equipped with a sewing light, ensuring you get good visibility while sewing in dimly lit spaces. Moreover, the thread tension control makes sure the thread does not break while working on the machine. Usha Janome  Janome Dream Stitch sewing machine is a free-arm model that incorporates zig-zag stitching as well. You can use this lightweight sewing machine for mending and stitching clothes of different fabrics in no time.

Janome sewing machine Pros


the most important feature of this machine is

It’s REALLY HANDY & LIGHTWEIGHT as compared to other regular machines.

Fits in my cupboard easily and comes with a handle to carry it easily.

It comes with 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty.

Inside the package, you’ll find- Sewing Machine, Instruction manual, and warranty card

It has 7 built-in stitches including 4-step button holing (a separate foot is provided for that), to quickly stitch buttons on shirts, dresses, and coats.

It has 14 applications including lace fixing, quilting, smocking, zip fixing and rolled hemming, and a lot more

Auto tripping bobbin system, Settings to fill the bobbin hassle-free.

drop feed for embroidery.

It comes with a tiny sewing light which I find really helpful while stitching.

the dial on the front side for pattern selection ( Like Close stitching, Zig zag stitching pattern

A push-button in the front for backward stitching

Built on a Japanese Technology

It also has an extra high-pressure foot lift to stitch heavy fabric.

It comes with a white good quality plastic cover with a handle slit to carry the machine.


Usha Janome sewing machine cons

After some minutes of sewing, it does the loose sewing again & again. Also, the machine heats up.

Excellent Sewing Machine


How can I change the side belt in the Usha Janome flair sewing machine?

The drive motor rotates the drive belt, which

Spins the handwheel and upper shaft, A damaged or broken belt won’t spin the handwheel and upper shaft when the motor runs. If the drive belt on your sewing machine is worn or damaged, replace it


Unplug the sewing machine.

Remove the screws securing the belt cover to the sewing machine and pull the belt cover off. Loosen the 2 motor mounting screws and pivot the motor upward to release the belt tension. Slide the drive belt off the handwheel and

remove the belt. Position the new drive belt under the motor

pulley and then roll the belt onto the handwheel.

Pivot the drive motor to apply slight tension to the belt and tighten the motor mounting screws firmly. Position the belt cover on the sewing machine and reinstall the belt cover mounting screws. Plug the sewing machine into the electrical outlet.

What was the price of the Usha Janome sewing machine?

The cost of the Usha Janome Sewing Machine is around $80.17.

How to install a bobbin Usha Janome sewing machine?

towards you raise the thread take-up the lever to its highest position raise the presser foot using the presser foot lifter unlock the spool pin take the spool of thread and insert it into the spool pin on top of the machine locks the spool pin to prevent the spool of thread from falling here a pink thread has been chosen to be the upper or primary thread pull the thread and pass it through the uppermost hole of the arm thread guide take

the thread and pass it around the thread tension unit between the tension disk as shown pull the thread to see if it is properly adjusted as shown here next pull the thread up and pass it through the thread take-up lever take the thread and pass it through the faceplate thread guide now take the thread down and pass it through the needle bar thread guide cut a little part of the trend to make it easier to pass it through the eye of the needle pass the thread through the eye of the needle from the left to the right take

How to thread a sewing machine and insert the bobbin case

the bobbin around which the thread is wound and place in the bobbin case holds the thread hanging out and pull it into the bobbin case slot pass it through the tension spring and into the delivery eye in the bobbin case allow 10 centimeters of thread to hang out of the case here the yellow thread has been chosen as the lower or second we thread the bobbin case will be inserted in the bobbin hook which is situated below the sewing machine under the table feel the bobbin hook and insert

How to Thread a Sewing Machine Singer M3500 2021

the bobbin case in it a slight sound confirms that the case has been correctly inserted in the bobbin hook lower the presser foot using the presser foot lifter and lower the needle by rotating the balance wheel towards you the upper needle along with the upper thread will go down and will get the lower thread back up contrasting colors of pink and yellow have been chosen for better understanding pass the thread below the presser foot and pull it away from you, you have now learned to thread your sewing machine.

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