Singer sewing machine price list

Here we have told you about the Singer sewing machine price list latest price of Amazon’s best products sewing machine 2021 which is as follows

1 Singer 8280 Sewing Machine price ₹ 10,500
2 Singer Sewing Co. 3333 Fashion Mate Free-Arm 23-Stitch Sewing Machine price ₹ 12,999
3 Singer Fashion Mate 3333 Electric Sewing Machine price ₹ 14,286
4 Singer SM024 Automatic Sewing Machine with 24 Stitches price ₹ 9,999
5 Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine price ₹ 8,149
6 Singer Promise 1412 Sewing Machine price ₹ 9,499
7 Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine price ₹8,149
8 Singer 1304 Start Sewing Machine with 6 Built-In Stitches, Free-Arm Sewing Machine price ₹8,680
9 SINGER Sewing Basket with Notions – Boho Fan price ₹6,183.00
10 Singer SM024 Automatic Sewing Machine with 24 Stitches ₹10,800
11 Singer Promise 1412 Sewing Machine price ₹9,499
12 Singer Tradition FM 2250 Sewing Machine (White) price ₹8,999
13 Singer M1155 Sewing Machine (14 Built-in Stitches) price ₹9,070
14 Singer SM024 RD Sewing Machine – White price ₹10,800
15 Singer Sewing Machine Motor Aluminum Body (Sewing Medium/c Motor Aluminum Body 1/20 HP) price ₹1,589
16 Singer 3229 Simple price ₹13,020

Singer Sewing 4432 Heavy Duty Extra-High Speed Sewing Machine with Metal Frame and Stainless Steel Bedplate Price ₹42,498

Singer sewing machine manual

Singer tradition sewing machine helps you make every fashion a lot. Singer sewing machine manual has many features that make your sewing simple after a brief overview of the basic machine parts that you do. So let us know the complete information about the Singer sewing machine and along with this, Singer sewing machine repair at home, threading a sewing machine singer, Singer sewing machine parts and functions,

Singer fashion maker sewing machine price

Singer Fashion Mate 3333 Electric Sewing Machine Price: ₹ 14,286.00

Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Electric Sewing Machine Price: ₹ 15,900.00

The singer fashion mate 3342 sewing machine! this model is easy to use and features a sleek, modern design.

We will look at the threading process comfortably so that you can easily understand it, know the main parts of the machine, the foot controller plugs into the side of the machine, and then turn the inside wall socket machine with the power switch here in the presser foot. The lifter is at the back of the machine that is used to lift and lower the presser foot. This is the pattern selector dial that is used to select the stitch you want to sew. The stitch length dial lets you shorten the stitches or allows you to lengthen them, you can set it within a range.

The reverse lever is located at the front which is used to sell the machine and stitches in reverse. It has a handwheel that is used to manually move the needle up and down,

Sewing machine bobbin

After applying the thread spool and spool cap to the machine, thread the needle, you can snap the thread into the guide, wrap it counter-clockwise around the bobbin winding tension disc, and then insert the thread into it, after that put the bobbin in the Sewing machine bobbin.

The bobbin winding is placed on the spindle push. To trim the bobbin thread tail by stepping on the foot controller, the stop has to be fully filled, after filling it, insert it into the shuttle.

How to thread the upper part of the machine? And simultaneously place the thread spool cap on the thread of the machine. Raise the presser foot lifter. Turn the handwheel counterclockwise until the take-up lever is in its highest position. Be and the indicator on the handwheel is lined up here on the machine,

Set the spool holder for a large spool of thread, use a large spool holder for the middle spool, set the other end of the spool holder towards the thread, use a small spool holder from the accessory compartment for the small spool,

Threading a sewing machine singer

When you threading a sewing machine singer it is useful to hold the thread between the spools and thread the tension by moving the thread under the right channel with your left hand and then pass the left channel from the right to the left side to the tee so that the thread takes.

Slip the slotted surface of the up lever, bring the thread down, then slide it behind the horizontal needle clamp guide located just above the needle thread,

You will need to lift the bobbin thread up. To do this, hold the upper thread with your left hand, rotate the handwheel counterclockwise which will lower, and then lift the needle up as you pull the handwheel lightly through the thread of the bobbin thread hole, which Will be drawn through. Now it is ready to be stitched,


To begin your sewing, first, place the fabric under the presser foot and then lower the presser foot. Select your stitch, and stitch by stepping on the foot controller, but keep in mind that until the needle is at its highest level, Till then rotate the handwheel counterclockwise, then lift the presser foot lifter to get the fabric out of the sewing machine, when you stitch the on it will help to prevent any thread from getting jammed.

If a lot of thread has accumulated on the underside of the fabric, this is because you have threaded the upper thread correctly, remove the presser foot lifter upper thread and then re-thread the machine. The decorative sutures are mainly made of the fabric Are used for.

Use a fabric stabilizer while doing decorative stitching as this can prevent stitches from tunneling. You can also stitch on different types of ribbons and trims. Try a polyester or rayon thread. To sew a good sheen, sew directly onto the trim or sew along each side of the trim depending on what you want to achieve.

But you can give a three-dimensional look by stitching your stitches with heavy thread or silk ribbon in bobbin use.

Mostly plastic bags are used, which is not right. You can make a cloth bag with a sewing machine because this is the right way to change those plastic bags, it is very easy to make a cloth bag with a sewing machine.

Singer sewing machine parts and functions

We have told you about this Singer sewing machine parts and functions which are as follows.

Singer All Purpose Sewing Machine Oil 3.38-Fluid Ounce, Cord Belt Shifter Oval, Thread Take Up Lever, Bobbin Cover Slide Plate, Sewing Machine Balance Wheel, Thread Take-Up Spring, Pantograph Collet, Bobbin Case, Rotary Hook Set, O Ring, Needle Clamp, Sewing Machine Shuttle Hook, Sewing Machine Hook Set, Pressure Foot, Sewing Machine Handle, Sewing Machine Body, Sewing Machine Clutch Motor,

Singer sewing machine 298 model

It is a heavy-duty cast iron body sewing machine, has a heavy-duty internal metal frame, and is accompanied by a powerful motor that allows you to sew stitches on multiple layers of heavy fabric.

Twin needle compatible and adjustable stitch length and width, Choose the correct stitch length and width to perform any type of stitching with twin needle capability.

Singer sewing machine repair at home

You can use the sewing machine to design your own clothes, they are very helpful in repairing pins and torn clothes, although there is always a possibility of machine breakdown that will require repair. The first thing to do is the sewing machine. If there is a problem, then you have to contact a professional for repair, even though the repair shops are very good at fixing the machines, they do not need to go to the sewing machine for all the problems, they come to the houses Do sewing machine repair.

Self Sewing Machine Repair

If you want to try your own sewing machine repair, you can get the information with the help of a Sewing Machine Repair Guide, which you need to understand about your machine and find it in all the parts in the guide for your machine, Should be included as there are many types and brands of machines.

There are different ways of threading, so to get good results with your machine, it is important that you see the guide to learn how to thread your own machine, specifically, to thread your machine. So your guide includes the correct needle as well as bobbin methods,

One essential thing for all sewing machines is how to maintain them properly; the guide you purchase will give you information for good maintenance and suggestions. It is essential for the machine because it uses a variety of techniques to lubricate and clean

the machine, depending on the machine you are using; it will give you information about testing all parts of the sewing machine. She gives.

It is also very important to know which parts of the machine have to be replaced and repaired, sometimes it is easy to find simple problems like wrong needles or excessive sound and then repairing it can help in fixing the machine.

Singer multi-purpose sewing machine manual

Actually use a Sewing machine manual guide and use a Sewing machine guide to repair sewing machine, Singer multi-purpose sewing machine manual. The best place to start with a machine is an Amazon or retail shop that you can find on the internet. With the help of this, you can also buy sewing machine parts from here.


We have given you detailed information about the Singer sewing machine price list along with information about the Singer sewing machine manual, Sewing machine bobbin, Singer sewing machine parts, and functions. Hopefully, you can buy the best sewing machine from the information given by us.

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