Kylinton best Sewing Machine for Beginners

Kylinton Best Sewing Machine for Beginners Mini Sewing Machine for Kids, Electric Small Sewing Machine with Foot Pedal, 12 Built-in Stitches, 2 Speeds, Automatic Winding for Cloth Girls Adults, Blue


Kylinton best Sewing Machine FREE ARM FOR SLEEVES & PANTS

Remove the drawer and you can use Free arm to sew tubular fabrics. Suitable for trousers and cuffs.


Lift up the presser foot lock lever to replace the presser foot, helping you switch any sewing mode.

Kylinton best Sewing Machine TOP DROP-IN BOBBIN DESIGN

Make it easy to install the bobbin, and you can observe the consumption of the bobbin thread at any time.

Hold the upper thread, turn the handwheel downward to make the needle pick up the bobbin thread, and pull out it.

Stop sewing first and turn the handwheel to raise up the needle to the highest position, then turn the selection dial


The sewing machine must be switched off with the adapter unplugged when:

-Threading the needle

-Changing the needle

2 Changing bottom bobbin

-Changing parts

-Cleaning the machine


This Kylinton best Sewing Machine is easy to use, there are instructions on Youtube on how to use it.

At least right at the beginning as this is a machine that, if you are not already a sewer, may not be all that obvious, such as the pathway to threading the needle.

The manual that comes with it is like many I’ve read – not all that helpful and made me wonder the sewing machine is not new to me by any stretch of the imagination!

This is the best kind of Kylinton best Sewing Machine for a beginner – it’s not fancy and by that I mean it doesn’t have a ton of different stitches, just the basics. That’s what a beginner needs to learn. Straight stitch and using the stitch length that is appropriate for the material and item you are working with.

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