How to Thread a Sewing Machine Singer M3500 2021

Learning How to Thread a Sewing Machine a singer’s sewing machine can be complicated, especially if you are a beginner. Even though you can find singer machine threading instructions on manual instructions, sharpening guidelines, or even sewing machine bodies, diagrams are sometimes confusing. Plus, it is often easier to learn from the actual picture of a sewing machine. Singer Sewing Machine M3500

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I will specifically cover how the thread should be plucked, how to get the bobbin on a singer’s sewing machine, and how to set up the bobbin load of an upper-load or front-load. Then, we will talk about increasing bobbin thread before starting to sew.

How to Thread Singer Sewing Machine

The first step in a threading Singer sewing machine is to wind the bobbin. It’s on the top of the sewing machine. Make sure you use a compatible bobbin for your sewing machine, which in my case is a bobbin of Binning Class 15.

How to Thread Singer Sewing Machine


The first step is to set your utas on the spool pin. If your spool pin is horizontal, you will need the shape of the spool above to prevent the rolls to stick to sewing. For vertical spool pins, if the roll is stationary, the scroll is not as important. If your machine has a spool pin (a white donut looks like foam or chunks), you can save it under the spool thread.

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Next, drag the Threads and drop the first Threads guide onto the machine. The singer looked like a heavy machine after what was seen in M3500.


Pull Through First THREADS Guide

Pull the thread through the second THREADS guide

Next, turn your minus clockwise around the tension disc, which is a small piece of metal on your singing machine. Make sure the answer between tension discs. You may see a little on the thread sinking between the tension discs. In case you need an additional guide, some threading instructions appear on the sewing machine body on most new sewing machines.


bobbin side display tension disc

The bobbin pulls the thread through a small circle in the upper hole. Then, place the bobbin in the bobbin spindle. It will appear in place and will not come again.

How to Bobbin on a Singer Sewing Machine

catch bobbin thread

Push the axle to the right. Place the UTA tip and move slowly on the foot controller or use the start button on a computerized machine. Utas will revolve around the coil several times. Before stopping and continuing, I like to cut Threads. You do not need to hold the tip of the Threads after this step.

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wind up several times using the foot pedal Then, press the pedal and watch your coil! After reaching almost completely, it will slow down and stop. Then, remove the foot pedal or press the Stop button.

Next, push the spool bobbin pin back to the left and cut off the tip of the Threads. Finally, release the bobbin from the spool pin. Push the bobbin to the left and cut north

How to Put a Bobbin on a Singer Sewing Machine

Now it’s time to put the bobbin braid on your singing sewing machine. There are two types of bubins on most Singer sewing machines: top load and front load. A bobbin on a more basic mechanical Singer sewing machine is front load. The old Teutonic my mother and my singer heavy duty loaded a bobbin. I’ll show you how to load two bobbins.


First, for both types of books, power the cover on your machine, and lift the needle to the highest position. Do this on a computer Singer sewing machine by handwriting (always play on your side) or using the needle up button. What do your hand sleepers sleep in?

turn the handwheel on your side Then raises the proxy to the top position.

How to Install a Bobbin Front-Load on a Singer Sewing Machine

To access the bobbin front load, remove the small luggage compartment on the machine, and open the hinge cover.


Then, find the small tab on the front of the bobbin box. Move it on its side as if you opened the soda can tab. Remove the machine’s bobbin case.

How to File a Bobbin Case on a Singer Sewing Machine

Install the bobbin correctly, a single load sewing machine is the hardest part of having a singer sewing machine, so be patient with yourself!


First, when you look down, grab the bobbin. I’m happy to remember that the little metal shape “L” drives “left”, so it looks like the letter “L”. The “L” is called the bobbin finger.

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Enter the coil in this orientation

To bobbin, your bobbin is oriented on the other hand if the thread is wound as shown below. Then, place the bobbin in the bobbin case.

Singer sewing machine threading


Orient thread in this orientation Threads the thread through a small gap in the case of the bobbin and the gap below it. The two photos below explain the process. Be sure to leave several inches of thread to work on the outside of the bobbin case.


Pull the thread through the bobbin case to draw the Threads through the bobbin case. Now, open the small tab in a bobbin case, and air it again by placing a casing in the air.

How to File a Bobbin Case

When inserting the bobbin, be sure to push it in long enough before releasing the tab. If you remove your finger and the ROM bobbin, try again. The bobbin will sit correctly in place!


How should a bobbin case be Thread?

Finally, you can close and re-enter the extension table.


How to Install a Top Load Bobbin on a Singer Sewing Machine

Bobin Top Loading is very easy to set up! First, press the button near the bobbin cover to open the cover. Next, remove the cover and drop your bobbin inside. In orientation terms, if you pull the UTA, the bobbin spins counter-clockwise. Many bobbin machines have guidelines based on your sewing machine for reference.


Next, drag the Threads through the first gap under the bobbin box. Then, continue to make it under Form-U and another gap, as shown below.

How do I orient the bobbin’s load?

Pull the back of the legs, and replace the case cover. Left tab down again. Click on the place on the right.

top load bobbin.

How Do I Get Top Thread Singer Sewing Machine?

After completing the installation of the vise and bobbin, it’s time to get the top of your singing sewing machine on.

Make sure your sewing machine is turned off, the needle is in the highest position, and your threads are still on the spool pin. Next, drop your feet if you haven’t before. If you are with prisoners, it is strained on your sewing machine, and the consequences of sewing badly.

brother-cs5055prw Sewing Machine

Now, to begin threading, first pass the threads through the uata guide, as you did to spin the bobbin earlier.

Pull Through First THREADS Guide

Next, close the Threads around the other (down to the bobbin on the bottom of the tension disc). Make sure the answers look like the diagram. Location and Around Threads Guide Pull the threads under the right channel on the front of the sewing machine.

Threads take heart

Make a U below and play Threads on the left channel. The top is the heart of technology. Leave from the right side through the heart of technology. If your needle is not in the above position, the Threads cross-up thread may be too low for the liver.

move the lever around the pull-down thread through the threads guide (2) Pull the Threads back under the sewing machine.

Threads take heart

Guide to wire needle clamp on top of the workbench. Drag Threads into it. There should be a hole in the right or left, depending on the engine.

pull through threads guide Next, if you go by hand, needle backward. If you’re looking for useful tips I’ve posted a guide to the easy to purl needle sewing machine!

how to use automatic needle singer

If I’ve learned anything about the Sui Northern, it’s smooth and attentive. In order to use automatic needle needles to obtain a needle, here’s what to do.

sewing leather on a Bernette 44 Bernina home sewing machine

First, the foot presets below. Then, using the respective threader, thread half of the topper needle through. Associate the instructions on the guide, which is a rewind, metal-shaped V. Threads runs to the right and then around V and then plows to his right. (When you turn counterclockwise rhythmically.)


Use Singer’s Needle Thread

Then, lower the needle squirrel completely and turn it on its side. You will see the eye of the needle while passing. (If it doesn’t, you may need to adjust the height or middle of your needle.)


The needle has a very small hook, inside a large hook. I’ve magnified as much as possible with the picture below, sorry if it’s grainy! Now, pull your Threads on a large hook and put on a smaller hook. If you drive a UTA from behind to route from behind, it helps to get hold of the hook easier.

hook on singer auto needle threader

Holding the tip of the thread, turn the needle back to the needle and let it return to its original position. As it happened, Threads was taken through the needle.


How to Thread a Sewing Machine automatic needle singer

Take the Boutin Thread

Before you start sewing, you’ll need to pick up the bobbins for many singer sewing machines.


Pull the thread down, turn the needle down and then turn the handwheel (using the other hand) to move. Pull the top of the strand slowly over the needle, so pull the bobbin thread through a small hole on the needle plate.


Born thread

Save two threads under the leg and back.


Now you have learned how many things threaded singer sewing machines are. This includes threading, a bobbin threading singer, inserting the bobbin, and picking up the bobbin thread. I know it might sound difficult at first, but once you practice, you will become a professional.

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